Support the staging of new exciting contemporary operas!

Support the staging of new exciting contemporary operas!



Short Summary

My name is Dimitri Scarlato, and I am a freelance composer and conductor who works in contemporary classic music, opera and films/theatre.

I have a huge passion for opera, especially contemporary opera and I was lucky enough to have 2 of my own operas fully staged and produced. That is why last January 2016, I launched the Stara Zagora Opera Competition for composers, stage directors and singers, to reach out to young talented artists. This competition has been supported by the Stara Zagora Opera House in Bulgaria, thanks to its artistic director Ognian Dragonoff. 

An international panel of composers, conductors and stage directors, has discovered some very gifted composers, singers and young stage directors. We have selected 3 new operas, which will be premiered on the 22nd March 2017 at the Stara Zagora Opera House.

The  3 operas are based on social issues of our contemporaneity.

  • If you would support this project you would help emerging artists to realise their dream of being part of a new operatic project, you would give the unique opportunity to composers to see their operas fully stage in a theatre. There are many talented people who have not the chance to showcase their skills and their creativity because of a lack of opportunities. That is why your contribution would be vital to nurture these talents!

What We Need & What You Get

  • The theatre is supporting this project by giving its resources for 17 days (additional staff, set designer, equipment, costumes, free rehearsal spaces, orchestra, dancers).   Your support would be vital in making this happening, by contributing to part of the expenses that staging 3 new operas requires such as:
  1. Part of the costs (travel, accommodation, living expenses) of 10 artists  (3 composers, 1 stage director, 6 singers) coming from all over Europe for 17 days. £3400
  2. Professional audio/video recording of some rehearsals and the staged performance which will happen on the 22nd March 2017. Estimated price £1300
  3. Additional set design and costumes expenses. Estimated price £700
  4. Indiegogo fees. Estimated price £600

We have devised lots of operatic perks for you, which you can also use for a friend or a person you care about!

The funds will still go towards all the costs described above, even if we don't hit the main target. But with your help we can reach the £6000 target!

The Impact

If you are passionate about contemporary music, singing, and opera, then your donation could have a huge impact on the career of those emerging artists, who are developing their craft! There are more than 40 people involved in this project, and they all share the passion and commitment to develop and launch new operas!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate, please share the campaign and help us reach out your friends and connections! All together we can help emerging artists and realise new wonderful operas available for everyone around the world!

Thank you from all of us!